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Double Belt (Car Seat Type)

  • Double Belt  (Car Seat Type)
  • Double Belt  (Car Seat Type) -

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Double Belt for Stretcher with Metallic Buckle (Car Seat)

Double belt for stretcher, black color, made of polyester, consisting of 2 parts 5cm wide, 55cm long on one side and 106cm long on the other.

Its total length is a maximum of 158cm and a minimum of 70cm.

The strap is high strength.

It can be washed.

User Manual:

The belts pass through the pipes of the stretcher in order to immobilize the patient (thorax and legs) and securely support it even in the uphill or downhill.

Place the patient on the stretcher, and then fully fit the strap and tighten it around the patient's body and the stretcher, finally secure the plastic buckle.

Manufactured by S.Konstantinidis & Co Ltd "Pharmamedihelp".


Tags: Stretchers, Equipment, First Aid

Lock type Metallic bukle Car seat type
Color Black
Dimensions 158 x 5 x 0,3cm
Weight 250 g

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