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Elevating Straps System "ELEVATING STRAPS"

  • Elevating Straps System "ELEVATING STRAPS"
  • Elevating Straps System "ELEVATING STRAPS" - tying tying
  • Elevating Straps System "ELEVATING STRAPS" -

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Elevating Straps System for basket stretcher "ELEVATING STRAPS"

Can be combined with a basket type stretcher, suitable for lifting the stretcher with the injured person during a rescue.


4 small straps with loops - 4 carabiners & 4 straps connected to a metallic ring. 

ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙOΝ: The lifting system is only suitable for lifting and not for air transport.


Manufactured by S.Konstantinidis & Co Ltd "Pharmamedihelp".


Tags: Stretchers, Equipment, First Aid

Special characteristics Bearing weight 1.000kg
Color Yellow or Orange
Weight 5 kg

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